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Please note, therapeutic hypnosis cannot strictly replace treatment and medical monitoring by a psychiatrist . Hypnosis in no way exempts you from taking the drug treatment that has been prescribed for you . On the other hand, a brief therapy with a hypnotherapist helps you to identify the factors and triggers of your depression, to better understand and better manage your feelings, your sensations, your anxieties and anxieties , find the desire to have projects and personal, romantic, professional goals, to rediscover a certain joie de vivre.


Classification of depression 

  • Reactive depressions (following an emotional shock)
  • Neurotic depressions when the cause is less well defined
  • « Masked » depressions, in other words concealed by somatic symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, lower back pain, etc. or functional symptoms: impotence, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, general disinterest

These conditions require medical treatment (antidepressant, anxiolytic, sleeping pill) accompanied by hypnosis therapy. Hospitalization may be considered in cases of deeper depression, to see with your doctor.

Suffering, often heavy, results from the looping of your ideas, whatever they may be.


Frequency of hypnosis sessions for depression

The frequency and number of hypnosis sessions depend on the consultant, the seniority and the intensity of the disorders. Help can be quick, from three to four sessions.


Results of hypnosis to better manage depression

Hypnosis is one of the psychotherapies of which it is probably even the ancestor. As such, it can only be beneficial for treating depression.

The consultant remains the sole decision-maker of whether or not to extend the therapy in view of the real feelings.


You think you are depressed or depressed, take the Beck test in 2 minutes


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